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  1. Hi Guys, Is there anyway to synchronise the time and date stamps? Thanks,
  2. Hi Guys, When I click on 'Info' under 'My Devices' in 'Identity' (within Settings), it usually shows the IP address of the wrong NIC. It would also be really helpful if it showed the external address of my devices outside of the network I'm on, but is there a way to fix this? Thanks,
  3. Yeah I agree, I'd like Android TV support.
  4. Hi Helen, I executed chmod g-s Resilio to get: drwxrwx--- 6 something something 6 Apr 24 18:56 Resilio/ Still the same issue. Thanks
  5. Hi Helen, Its Ubuntu in CLI and the linux permissions are already there, per my post. Thanks,
  6. Hi Helen, Folder has: drwxrws--- 6 something something 6 Apr 24 18:56 Resilio/ group has: something:x:1003:rslsync The rslsync user can write to this folder, but sync's GUI cannot.
  7. Its a workaround, I wouldn't say its a solution. These are user files and the owner should be the user. I don't understand why it doesn't work, any other ideas?
  8. Hi Helen, rslsync is already a member of that group. Like I mentioned if I execute shell as rslsync, it can create folders and permissions are fine. The only way I've been able to get it to currently work is by having rslsync the owner. Thanks,
  9. Hi Guys, I get a message when creating folders "you do not have permission to write to this directory". It's Ubuntu 16.04.2. Resilio is 2.4.5 (903). The service is configured for user: rslsync and group: media. The locations of the files have for example group "foo" with read and write for that group. User rslsync is a member of that group, but it still cannot create folders via the web interface. When I execute commands in shell as rslsync, I can create folders and content within the same locations. I have no idea why it's giving me this message. Anyone? Logs (debugging enabled) also doesn't appear to give any verbose output when clicking the 'New Folder' button. Thanks,