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  1. folder_rescan_interval is 86400. This could be a reason indeed. But I thought its not because no files in the folder are accessed besides the two mentioned above. Can I increase or fully disable rescanning and only rely on inotify?
  2. Hi, it seems that resilio sync on Linux wakes up the disk of a synced folder even if nobody is accessing any files nor is any other peer connected. Only two internal files are accessed: 17:10:07.212935 rslsync(26891): O /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/ID 17:10:16.485407 rslsync(26891): RCW /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/ID 17:10:16.485407 rslsync(26891): CW /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/ID 17:10:16.485407 rslsync(26891): O /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents 17:10:16.490268 rslsync(26891): RC /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents 17:10:16.490599 rslsync(26891): RCWO /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/ID 17:10:16.490599 rslsync(26891): CW /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/ID 17:10:16.491477 rslsync(26891): O /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/Archive 17:10:16.495143 rslsync(26891): RC /storage/bucket0/data/Sync/documents/.sync/Archive This happens exactly once a day. Is there a way to prevent resilio sync from accessing any files if no-one is connected/only if disk is already awake or woken up by actual data access? I already played around with folder_refresh_interval and other stuff, even if this is not related to the named files (.sync/ID and .sync/Archive). Any hint on this would be nice. Thanks a lot.