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  1. I enabled debug logging which seemed to help stop files from getting stuck, however I've discovered that it's certain files in particular that become stuck syncing. InDesign files, and Adobe X D files. Both look as though they create temporary files which cause Sync to become stuck, looking at the logs it looks as though Sync hashes the temp file, tries to sync, but the file changes, so therefore the two files don't match, and the sync fails. I've added *.idlk (InDesign lock files) and *.~tmp (X D Temp files) to the IgnoreList files in the .sync folders on all the machines and so far things seem to be back to normal. Hope this helps.
  2. Had a problem with Sync saying that it was sending in the progress column, but the message didn't go away, looking at the peers i noticed that one of them had files that were being sent to them but it's as if it wasn't responding. The list of files "sending" would then increase as other files became stuck in a queue. A quick fix was to restart Sync on the machine that wasn't receiving the files. I contacted support, send over a few log files and they suggested that it was due to Adobe software with autosave features enabled. The file would start to sync from the source machine and then autosave would change the file, which threw out one of the machines in the sync pool. They suggested we add the Adobe file types to the FileDelayConfig file (a JSON file), located in the global storage folder for Sync on each machine. Something to note though is that on all of the mac and linux machines this file was an empty json object { }, where as on the PC's this was already populated with file extensions. I've currently set the delay to 30 seconds (it's important for my setup that the machines stay as quickly in sync as possible), but we will see what delay works best. Just wanted to note this down here in case anyone else was having the same problems. Storage folder location: FileDelayConfig details:
  3. So apparently the three files listed in the StreamsList file ( in OSX / MacOS ) are associated with metadata some apps and finder use for files (icon previews etc). Commenting them out in the file applies almost instantly and stops Sync from getting stuck at 99%. So far so good.
  4. I have a few large sync folder that i share, when other people are working on the files our "syncs" get stuck on 99% for ages listing the files to be transferred as I was wondering if it's safe to comment these out in the StreamsList file?