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  1. +1 on this feature request - the ability to group folders as a "Sync Set" that can be named, coloured, paused, etc. as a group would be amazingly handy
  2. The issue presents itself like this on my Macbook Pro: - wake from sleep, CPU usage is high - click on the Resilio Sync menu bar item - Resilio Sync won't open, cursor turns to the spinning pinwheel when the cursor is directly hovering over the Resilio Sync icon - Activity Monitor shows Resilio Sync as "not responding" - Other peers don't see this computer as an online peer
  3. I'm experiencing this as well, on my Macbook Pro, especially after waking from sleep Resilio Sync 2.5.7 MacOS 10.12.6
  4. b2

    +1 - this would be very useful
  5. Thanks @Helen, would be cool to see this one added but I'll check out log_ttl in the meantime
  6. My ~/Application Support/Resilio Sync folder is pretty huge, and looking at some posts on here I came across this post: 42999-mac-application-support-files Can we get the ability to prune these files in Preferences within the app itself? Would be quite handy.