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  1. No I didn't stop the process, I just closed the window - the process was still running. I'm still having the issue too - both machines will still change to "Selective Sync" when I reboot them.
  2. And again - both computers just needed a reboot, and both computers were set to "Selective Sync" when I opened the app up again. Luckily I caught it this time before any folders were added/changed, but on both my computers I'm just not seeing that setting being retained properly at the moment.
  3. And somehow this went haywire again: - Manually added a new folder on the other device to Sync - It showed up as a folder on my new computer as expected, but somehow the "New folders from other devices will be" setting had been changed to "Selective Sync", and "~/Resilio Sync/" was created once again, and the newly-added folder was synced there automatically. - Once again I had to set this new computer's "New folders from other devices will be" setting to "Disconnected" again, then I disconnected the newly-added folder, deleted "~/Resilio Sync/", then manually connected the newly-added folder to where it needed to be located.
  4. Setting up Sync on a new computer (running Sync 2.5.12, macOS 10.13.2) 1) Install Sync 2) I go to My Devices -> Link Device, type in the key of the other device I want to link. The other device is also running Sync 2.5.12, macOS 10.13.2 3) I get the dialog box to select how new folders from other devices will be handled, I select "Disconnected" 4) I manually connect 1 shared folder 5) I close the Sync window 6) A couple minutes later I reopen Sync from the menu bar, and the dialog box from step 3 has popped up again - asking me how to handle folders again, even though I already selected "Disconnected". I select "Disconnected" again. 7) Back in the main Sync window now, but now every single shared folder is now syncing, despite me selecting "Disconnected". Sync has manually created a "~/Resilio Sync" folder (which did not exist up till this point), and everything other than the 1 folder I manually linked in step 4 is now syncing there. So far this is what I've done to clean it up: - Use the menu bar item to "Pause Syncing" - Delete the unwanted "~/Resilio Sync" folder in Finder - this also makes Sync show "Folder not found" for everything that was syncing to that folder - Manually disconnect each of the folders that was incorrectly syncing to "~/Resilio Sync" - Go back to the menu bar item to unclick "Pause Syncing" All the folders are now correctly showing as disconnected again
  5. Group, categorise or Color code folders

    +1 on this feature request - the ability to group folders as a "Sync Set" that can be named, coloured, paused, etc. as a group would be amazingly handy
  6. Resilio at 100% CPU on Mac and hanging

    The issue presents itself like this on my Macbook Pro: - wake from sleep, CPU usage is high - click on the Resilio Sync menu bar item - Resilio Sync won't open, cursor turns to the spinning pinwheel when the cursor is directly hovering over the Resilio Sync icon - Activity Monitor shows Resilio Sync as "not responding" - Other peers don't see this computer as an online peer
  7. Resilio at 100% CPU on Mac and hanging

    I'm experiencing this as well, on my Macbook Pro, especially after waking from sleep Resilio Sync 2.5.7 MacOS 10.12.6
  8. Cloud Peers

    +1 - this would be very useful
  9. Thanks @Helen, would be cool to see this one added but I'll check out log_ttl in the meantime
  10. My ~/Application Support/Resilio Sync folder is pretty huge, and looking at some posts on here I came across this post: 42999-mac-application-support-files Can we get the ability to prune these files in Preferences within the app itself? Would be quite handy.