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  1. Seems a few of these features are already a part of Resilio Connect:'t%20want,destination%20agents%20for%20transfer%20jobs. It would be great if these features made their way to Sync. Editing IgnoreList in the Sync app and "do not ignore" functionality are sorely missing from Sync and would be super useful to Sync users who don't need all the extra features of Connect.
  2. And now it's happened on the other machine as well, so it's not just limited to peers accepting shares created by other peers
  3. Having an issue with custom share names being reset. On my setup it only seems to be happening on the machine accepting shares created by another machine. It also seems to be triggered by closing the GUI window, but perhaps that's unrelated and something else is causing it to happen behind the scenes and it only becomes apparent the next time the GUI is opened. Running Sync 2.7.1 on macOS 10.14.6
  4. Also: 3. Allow syntax for inverse rules in the ignore list - i.e. "do not ignore". This would allow us to create shares where everything in the path is ignored except for specific things specified by the user.
  5. It would be great if there were a couple of small improvements with Ignore List which would make users' lives much easier: 1. Allow editing a share's ignore list from within the app itself. It would be so much easier to have this functionality in the app, alongside other options for managing shares, rather than having to go to a share's .sync folder to edit the IgnoreList file manually. 2. Allow editing the default Ignore List somewhere in Preferences (I guess Preferences -> Advanced would be best). It would save us having to batch-edit shares just to make a few key changes that we want across all shares on a system.
  6. Would be great if we could create tags for folders within Sync. To be clear, I'm not talking about Sync supporting file system tags on synced files - I'm talking about the ability to tag folders within Sync itself, to more easily organise our synced folders within the Sync UI.
  7. Would be great if we could have folder nicknames to help organise folders more meaningfully in Sync. Sometimes the names of folders being synced are quite nondescript, having custom folder nicknames would really help organising folders more meaningfully in the UI.
  8. Nor does the EULA have any clause where paying customers consent to receiving advertisements. There's 3 aspects to this that have totally eroded my trust in Resilio: 1) the fact that this happened at all 2) the totally inadequate response from Resilio 3) the fact that this happened 2 years ago, Resilio said "We'll implement a switch to disable such notifications". This obviously never occurred, and nobody from Resilio has addressed this point yet either.
  9. This doesn't answer the substantial questions we're asking here. A specific ad was shown because a specific ad campaign was held, and that ad will not show up again - but we're asking why this happened in the first place (it shouldn't), and whether it will happen again (it shouldn't). There's obviously code in the app that allows you to push ads even to paying customers in the first place, which shouldn't be the case. How is this something you feel is acceptable? We need to hear from you that you understand this is unacceptable and that paying customers will not be advertised to in future even if "an ad campaign is held" - firstly because you understand it's not right to advertise to paying license holders, and secondly because the paid version of the app doesn't even allow that to happen. It really really sucks that your response to this has been so tone deaf. Who do we speak to about getting refunds?
  10. +1 - we need to hear something more substantial from you about this, you already have our money so you need to explain to us why this happened, and we need to hear from you that it will never happen again.
  11. I also just got one of these - Sync Home license holder. Totally not acceptable that we would have ads inserted into paid software
  12. No I didn't stop the process, I just closed the window - the process was still running. I'm still having the issue too - both machines will still change to "Selective Sync" when I reboot them.
  13. And again - both computers just needed a reboot, and both computers were set to "Selective Sync" when I opened the app up again. Luckily I caught it this time before any folders were added/changed, but on both my computers I'm just not seeing that setting being retained properly at the moment.
  14. And somehow this went haywire again: - Manually added a new folder on the other device to Sync - It showed up as a folder on my new computer as expected, but somehow the "New folders from other devices will be" setting had been changed to "Selective Sync", and "~/Resilio Sync/" was created once again, and the newly-added folder was synced there automatically. - Once again I had to set this new computer's "New folders from other devices will be" setting to "Disconnected" again, then I disconnected the newly-added folder, deleted "~/Resilio Sync/", then manually connected the newly-added folder to where it needed to be located.