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  1. Hi As the support is active again, I allow myself to go back to this topic. So just a question, will this bug be fixed on next version ?
  2. Hi This subject is still open and I am waiting for an answer since January 26. Thank in advance Currently we lock this release on our firmware.
  3. Hi Still no answer from support but I deepened more the issue with version 2.6.3. In my conf file, force_https option is set to false and in this case I can not open resilio gui over https protocol but if I change its value to true I can open resilio gui over https protocol. (Amazing !) I have this behaviour only with 2.6.3 (not with 2.6.2) Anyhow it is not the expected behaviour according with the page : So currently force_https option is to enable/disable https instead of forci
  4. Hi Except for Alex's message on February 20, it seems the staff is making a long break...: no answer from the support on any new help topic since January So not really nice🙁
  5. Hi Still no answer after one month🤔 Please to note this issue prevents us from releasing the last version for users using our firmware on their NAS.
  6. Hi I am sorry but any news since my first posting ? Thank in advance
  7. Hi I made an additional test by downgrading resilio sync to version Sync 2.6.2 (1330). And I do not have this issue (still with the same certificat) So I think the issue is only with version 2.6.3
  8. Hi I just tried to use the lastest version 2.6.3 (1340). About the main features, I do not yet noticed issue except for when I try to open the web-interface over TLS protocol. With Firefox, I got the warning : SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG (Too long answer/authorized size) and on Chrome : ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR ( bad answer) What I may confirm it is an issue with version 2.6.3 : on version 2.6.0, I have no issue with the same certificate; This certificate is also used by other servers hosting on the same server (apache; ...) I have the same issue from my LAN o
  9. Hi thomas, You forgot a comma in your json file: "force_https" : true ,"ssl_certificate" : "/etc/resilio-sync/cert.pem" "ssl_private_key" : "/etc/resilio-sync/pkey.pem" missing an ',' just before "ssl_private_key". This comma closes the previous line
  10. Hi There is an undocumented change in the releases note. Indeed at least since version 2.6, some events in history are hidden on a free licence version. Only returns the mention "Upgrade to Pro". Please, can you give what sorts of event are impacted by this change ?
  11. Just an additional information, free space on the operating system is root@Acrab:/ # df -h /share/1100/btsync Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/md0 10.8T 3.6T 7.1T 34% /share/1100 root@Acrab:/ # df -h / Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 226.2M 186.3M 27.4M 87% /
  12. Hi, With version 2.6.0 on a linux OS, I get this core warning In your help page, you write this warning appears if there's less than 1 Gb left on the operating system. Sync runs as root and it runs in config mode and uses a large operating partition (in my case a raid5 12TB). In config file, storage_path is set with the line "storage_path" : "/share/1100/btsync", and /share/1100 is the mountpoint of my raid. Indeed, on the fs partition (where is the mountpoint) I have less than 1GB free space (~40MB) and it seems Sync does not follow the mountpoint to get the
  13. Thank you Helen. Additional information for linux user, if you have this error message in sync.log OpenSSL: can't find suitable trusted CA location That means your CA file is not stored in the locations handled by resilio /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt /usr/share/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root.crt /etc/ssl/cert.pem In this case just create a symlink by using one of these paths toward your ca file (in my case was /usr/ssl/cert.pem)