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  1. @RomanZ I use ARM. ARMHF can not use because device does not have If I create a link from to, still not use, even in old version v2.4.5.
  2. I have the same problem with @bielen2k V2.4.5 can work. After V2.5.x, all have problem with [A newer kernel is required to run this binary. (__kernel_cmpxchg64 helper)] Device: MiWiFi R1D(Tomato-Shibby with Entware-ng) + arm package # cat /proc/cpuinfo Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l) processor : 0 BogoMIPS : 1998.84 processor : 1 BogoMIPS : 1998.84 Features : swp half thumb fastmult edsp CPU implementer : 0x41 CPU architecture: 7 CPU
  3. Finally I found a way to avoid the problem (A newer kernel is required to run this binary). Use old version. The last version available is 2.4.5, just modify interpreter then it can work.
  4. @RomanZ Thanks for your reply. I try ARM because I only find in /opt/lib/. (ARMHF needs
  5. I ues MiWiFi router(R1D), and it has already install Tomato-Shibby 136 with entware. I have done some research about it. First, I run the rslsync # ./rslsync -sh: rslsync: not found So I use patchelf to change interpreter # patchelf --set-interpreter /opt/lib/ ./rslsync Then try again # ./rslsync ./rslsync: /lib/ no version information available (required by ./rslsync) ./rslsync: /lib/libpthread.