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  1. I'll be really honest with you. I did not understand one thing you said from sentence #1. I must be really computer illiterate. Let me try to break your sentences down. The administrator is me, right? So, I think you meant in the 1st sentence, the programmers at Resilio Sync has considered that I know which names and labels are used for each device. Then, in the 2nd sentence, you said things get complicated when synced devices are between something internal on my network like my home computer and an unknown device that is located at another home or office. Hmm...why would I sync my
  2. When I install Resilio Sync on my devices, it always asks for the Device Name and the Identity. I assumed that this was a method to identify the device and the Identity was a method to identify the user. But, what's strange is that when I install Resilio Sync on my second device, it will ask the same thing. The Device Name and Identity. You can input a different Identity for the second device or you can put in the same name. So, if Device #1 has its own Device Name and Identity and Device #2 has its own Device Name and Identity, what is the purpose of the Identity? You can make
  3. Thanks. I had posted these questions for a few days and I got no response so I created individualized support tickets. Do you want me to post the answers here so others can learn?
  4. Hi, Everyone, I hope someone can help someone who's kinda' new to this. I know it may sound stupid but I'm a little clueless with networking stuff. I would be very grateful for any assistance. I have two basic questions. One is about predefined hosts and the other is about the use of VPN's with Resilio Sync. Question #1: Is using predefined hosts the safest and fastest method of syncing between two remote computers? It appears that using predefined hosts is the safest method of syncing files between two remote places (let's say my home and my old computer at my parent
  5. This is an old post but I think this would be a better solution. Just use Resilio Sync as usual without worrying about the Archive. It's another worry in your busy life. But also just use a backup utility program which you probably are using anyway, right? You probably backup every day and keep the last 7 days, right? What you're looking for probably doesn't exist because it would take human-level AI (maybe not that advanced but a lot of conditions). Sync as usual only when very special situations arise.