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  1. What is Resilio's official word on this? High Sierra is out today, so is it recommended we wait?
  2. With High Sierra coming soon, is there any word from Resilio on APFS support? I assume things like nano second time stamps and other things could help benefit Resilio Sync if used. Has anyone tested syncing from an APFS volume?
  3. So I'm working in a small company that has a few employees, we have lots of images, photoshop documents, and illustrator files. All of which need some sort of tags to make things easily searchable, and make it easy to collaborate. We use Mac's and PC's. I haven't seen any Digital Asset Managers I like, and I don't want to place my bets on a software company that goes broke, so I'd rather just use Sync and built in OS file explorers. I plan on using the Mac's and Finder as the main way to access, organize and tag files. I know windows cannot see macOS tags, but does windows pass along tags, and would Sync properly pass these along? So if a file is synced from a mac to a PC, then back to a mac again, would the tags be retained? Is this a crazy way to do things or should I just find a proper Asset Manager?