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  1. Hi, I am literally having the same issue. now i have 68 files stuck and refused to sync. not too sure why it happens. i am waiting to see if any resolutions exist.
  2. i have been using sync x64 bits. it is run as service under s"system" account. i am unable to get the update. even i went to the "check now" option. it is of no use. any reason?
  3. i notice for quite sometime if perform direct upgrade of the sync, (i.e. download the latest file and upgrade) i will have duplicate entry of the context menu of any folder which i did my right click. logged a ticket with support did not help to solve my problem. this issue has been ongoing for quite sometime. so if i perform 4 times of such upgrade of such, i will see 4 entries of such option. my resilio sync is run as service and is a x64 version.