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  1. Only one peer has write access to the git repos, so it would never happen that two peers check out different branches in the same repo. Sync as far as I know in my use case does not add any other layer that messes with git's data structure, it just reads the files and sends them over the Internet. Doing this is indeed working fine for me for many years now, apart from that Sync locks files so I need to turn it off when I work with the repos. Thank you for your concern.
  2. I am not at home, so I can't check the version, but I will do that when I can. Why are you unsure if it's smart to use Resilio to back up a git repo?
  3. I have now noticed the same thing happens with Git repositories. Resilio will go in and lock something while I'm committing, causing the commit to fail.
  4. The folder where I have all my programming projects is backed up with Resilio. Sometimes when I try to compile a project, it seems like Sync locks some file, so the linker cannot do its work. The result is that my compilation just hangs there until I turn off Sync and retry compilation. Can this be solved?
  5. Woah, I guess I have to report another bug then, which is that it never told me about this update, even though I have it set to "Always check for updates to this version". I'm connected like this, if that's what you mean: My PC --- Switch --- Modem router --- Internet It's a wired connection all the way. I have now updated to 2.5.4, I'll let you know if I keep having the issue.
  6. Oops, sorry for not including that information from the start. I have version 2.4.5 (903) I'm on Windows 10
  7. I also have this issue. It happens sometimes when I start up my computer and Sync automatically launches with it. It works again after restarting the application. Here are two things I think might cause the issue: My computer does not get internet access until maybe 5-10 seconds after logging in. I don't know why really, maybe it takes a bit for the switch and/or router to assign me an address? I don't know a lot about networks. I'm using NetLimiter to throttle my connection.