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  1. I am finding that the graph monitor at the bottom of WebGUI is not working on Linux v2.7.2 on Ubuntu. I've checked this on two desktops instances and on QNAP NAS. It just remains at zero despite constant activity. I've restarted the services but no avail. I can't find any reports or others experiencing the same issues. Please advise.
  2. I can confirm this on all MacBook Pro and Air laptops. iMac and Mini seem to retain login setting. Try to manually add a second Sync into Login Items. On one and only we have iMac that is how it's set. I've got 20 various Apple products updating to 10.15.3 overnight. Will report back on experience. Please don't make us uninstall and reinstall. It's a pain to have to reset all the shares.
  3. Yes, I've done that plus reduce the "days" in peer lease expiration but those whom were disconnected are still in the peer list flagged as "Disconnected". They will not be removed unless reboot the whole server.
  4. Setting the doesn't remove the DISCONNECTED USERS from the Peer List even though the column status says there are no Peers connected. Does the server really need to be completely rebooted to clear the DISCONNECTED USERS from the Peer List?