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  1. Hallo everbody! I have a permanent IPSec tunnel to 2 clients. How can I secure the sync through this tunnels and not via relay-server? Best regards, thomas
  2. Thanks jocko! It works! Your point with the comma was correct but the main error was a wrong certificate. Thomas
  3. Hello! I have the same problem on a debian9 VM with Resilio Sync. I tried all the versions from this thread - without success! Here my /etc/resilio-sync/config.json: cert.pem is the "Server Certificate" pkey.pem is the "Private Key" The command systemctl status resilio-sync.service ends with an error (see enclosed file). What's wrong? What can I do? Many thanks in advance! Thomas
  4. It‘s not clear for me what you mean. I have the same issue with Resilio on a debian (no VM). I want to know what I must setup in the firewall (pfSense). Portforwarding? Static routes? Anything else?
  5. Hi! I've installed Resilio on Debian running as a virtual machine. The connection with other clients works using a relay-server, but very slow. What settings I have to do in my pfSense to establish a direct communication? Best regards, Thomas
  6. Hi! I sync my "Documents" folder from my Windows 10 Notebook to my NAS. It works great, but I have 3 System Links (Own Pictures, Own Videos and Own Music) in the directory. I get an error because these files are in use and it's not possible to sync. How can I exclude these files, or better, how can I exclude all hidden files? Many thanks! Thomas