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  1. ooh.. sorry 'xD, I didn't know it is like that. Thank you for your response.
  2. Hello, first of all to thank you for very nice software which really just sits and feels very solid and reliable.. but there are couple of difficulties that doesn't let my heart let it in yet. I have setup the Resilio Sync system like this: I have 2 PCs and one Android phone connected to Raspberry Pi 2, and all of them having Resilio software. PCs get to sync everything and all deleted and changed files gets archived and then replaced by the new version. The problem now is that the same doesn't happen for Android. Android syncs all the files to the Resilio on Raspberry and one of the PCs, but all deleted files doesn't get archived, but they stay just where they were first time when they were synced.. not moved to .sync folder or deleted. I sent some screenshots so you might have better idea of how I set it up.. all the synced folders are set up identically, but only Android folder syncs are having this problem. Thanks for reading