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    Not working on 414

    This was actually a mistype on my part. It is :28888 not .88888. As far as I know I have the most current version of the armadaxp. Are there any other steps I can try to trouble shoot. It seems to work fine on my desktop client, but won't get past this initial screen on my Synology. Do I need to specifically open up any ports on the router? Thanks
  2. I have downloaded and installed the armadaxp package on my 414. The app installs successfully.. However when I click the app to open, it just goes to a blank browser page with my DDNS followed by :8888. It does not ask me to create a login etc. Just sits on a blank browser page with my address in the browser address field. I have looked around here on the forums for some tips on how to get this going and am not seeing a solution. I have the most recent DSM DSM 6.1.3-15152.... Any suggestions for this? Really excited to try this service.