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  1. hi Helen, Thank you very much for your answer. I'tried a few think, like installing resilio sync with my synology nas admin account. I have no the installation directories like you describe in your answer. I've started resilio and can now access it under http://url:28888. Resilio is still not in the Application Index of the synologies web gui.
  2. hi, Resilio Sync was running on my NAS (Synology ds214se) for some months now, before it quietly disappeared. I don't now if this happened after one of the frequent Synology updates. But without giving any errors Resilio Sync completely disapeared. There is no more app in the Packages index, there is nothing in /usr/... and there is no service running. There seems to be not a single entry in the log files. And I cannot not reinstall Resilio, which means I can upload and manually install the spk (resiliosync_armada370_DSM6_2.5.6-1.spk). Although It gives me the confirmation window that Resilio is installed, there is no package visible and no service running. (The admin account is enabled) #uno