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  1. Is this request accepted? I do really want this feature. The WD My Cloud NAS mobile apps do have thumbnail for photos and it's very useful. +1 for all platforms.
  2. Hello, I got an question about predefined host settings in Resilio Sync. I use SSH remote forward to make my Resilio Sync Server(which is in a LAN) visible on the internet, then my other devices connect to the remote public server using predefined host. My question is that does all the data transferred between this two devices are going through the remote public server? Or it will be just end-to-end transfer, which means the predefined host setting is just a host discovery service? Thanks all!
  3. As we can set up predefined hosts in desktop application of resilio sync for all sync folder, why does it have no preference for camera backup in mobile apps? I need use this to connect to my own hosts since I'm in China... Is there any one know how to setup it or it will be a feature in the future? Thanks all!