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  1. ellw ... THANKS! Super helpful and would have solved my issue even though I didn't use your link. Almost don't want to say this, but writing the post made me realize that I probably had an old installer on one of my machines even though I couldn't find it online ... and I did: 2.4.4. Wiped 2.5.6 and reinstalled local versions of 2.4.4 and immediately started syncing with my server instance. In retrospect, I believe this exact server/device version incompatibility issue happened to me a couple years ago (BT Sync days) and back then I re-arranged our workflow to take the rented server space out of the file sync equation. I understand the issue now and I'm going to be much slower on the update draw from here out.
  2. I sync between personal devices and rented server space where I have limited (no) admin privileges. This issue has me dead in the water with version 2.44 on my server instance of Resilio that I don't have the ability to update or manually assign the IP:Port, since the web interface settings are overwritten by a config file that I also can't access, and version 2.5.6 on the sync devices I can update. I'd downgrade my devices but I can't find a 2.4 OSX installer file. I have a ticket open with the server requesting a manual update to 2.5 ... but that might take a week to happen. Any advice in the meantime? (besides never updating before the server instance again!)