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  1. I installed resilio-sync 2.5.6-1 on a new machine running Debian 9 and the inital sync with a folder does not finish and the resilio process consumes 100% CPU continuously. In the log on the debian machine I see the following error lines over and over for various files: [20170728 10:37:43.179] FC[8022]: Max count of remote files processing achieved. Requeueing VerifyFileSignatureMessage job. [20170728 10:37:43.179] FC[8022]: Failed to get node for parent(Docs/ilogs/HTL Villach/WM6SDK/Samples/Samples/Common/CPP/Win32/CustomForm/EMSCustomForm) of file Docs/ilogs/HTL Villach/WM6SDK/Samples/Samples/Common/CPP/Win32/CustomForm/EMSCustomForm/consts.h The rslsync process on the Debian machine tries to download these files from a Windows 7 machine running Resilio Sync 2.5.6 (1043). The files are available under this subpath on the windows machine and there are no errors to see in the logs of the Resilio process on the windows machine. Maybe it's an issue with the filepath beeing to long? As said already, resilio on the linux machine spins with 100% CPU usage and does not complete and there is no progress but thousands of error log files beeing written. Please help me in resolving this issue!