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  1. Does anyone else have the described problem? Can anyone from the Sync Team say anything about it?
  2. I don't quite understand this behaviour - then the folder options are completely superfluous? With Sync 1.4 this behaviour was still understandable - the folder option did exactly that - either turned off the tracker connection or not.
  3. It works very good now, thank you very much.
  4. Ok thanks for your detailed answer, I will try. If a static path is required now, I'll have to stay on 1.4., for my portable use case. As a last question, can you tell how to send API calls to the rslsync if webui is disabled? I cannot find a port definition like "api listener". I add and remove folders with curl and I just don't need the browser to be opened every time - thats annoying
  5. Hi, the path is using a subfolder "sync" in the current folder where rslsync.exe is placed. This works (I'm using this since Sync 1.4), the error is the same using another directory with full path. Sync has r/w access to the folder. As said, it doesn't matter which directory is chosen. Sync creates files in this folder but asks for the identity next time while all the shares remain. This only happens if sync is run in configuration mode. I am really sure this is a bug. I want to use the web listener for API calls or maybe accessing the web-ui sometimes, but not every time. Thats why I enabled web-ui. If this behavior has changed since it's Resilio, can you tell what is the correct way now? (sending api calls without opening the webui) Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys, for some reason, I'm trying to start Sync in configuration mode (Win64), using this config: { "storage_path" : "./sync", "device_name": "my-device", "agree_to_EULA" : "yes", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_gui": true, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "rate_limit_local_peers": false, "lan_encrypt_data": false, "sync_max_time_diff": 172800, "peer_expiration_days": 3, "folder_defaults.use_relay": true, "folder_defaults.use_tracker": true, "folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast": true, "sync_trash_ttl": 1, "send_statistics": false, "enable_journaling": false, ... This was working fine a while ago with BTsync 1.4 and 2.0. Now I am running into two weird problems: - Sync want's to create a new identity every time - but successfully creates database and other files in ./sync - If I activate the webui-listener, Sync always opens a webbrowser with the webif every time (which I really don't need), even if I enable the local gui The Sync.log says: [2017-07-29 02:12:10.055] Set new identity: blah blah blah [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] Unable to add identity 'blah blah blah' to DB, DB is NULL [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] WebUISession call callback 43, ListeningSyncEvents = 1 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: disconnect master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: no master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: set secret [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: create [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: failed to create 101 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] Master Folder Controller: cannot create master folder (error: 101) [2017-07-29 02:12:10.120] ZIP: Can't locate [version.json] in zip, error -100. [2017-07-29 02:12:10.784] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:11.662] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares And here the content of the ./sync -folder: 11702313193513589557.1501194522.journal 17022159861700389248.1501194591.journal 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-shm 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-wal 5685992543831202687.1501276309.journal A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-shm A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-wal BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-shm BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-wal btsync.pid debug.txt FileDelayConfig history.dat history.dat.old http.port [ie] settings.dat settings.dat.old storage.db storage.db-shm storage.db-wal sync.dat sync.dat.old sync.log sync.pid Can someone help me with this time-killer?