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  1. TNX!!!! A lot. I makemistake... I upload file for old DSM! This was a reason why...
  2. I install Resilio on two loactions... I have problems with speed. It is only cca 125KB/s. Beteenbn this 2two laocatinin I have VPN. On Microtik I have enabled UPnP... This open lisening port. What elase I can do on Microtik? Any Idea?
  3. You solve this problem? Can you please share configuration?
  4. Hi, I successfully instal Sync software on Synology DS414. After instalation I successfully run installed package. For Instalation I was using package: resiliosync_armadaxp_DSM6_2.5.6-1 But I have problem with Synology DS416j. Ater instalation of package resiliosync_armada38x_2.4.4-1 I can not run Resilio Sync package. What can be a problem?