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  1. Hey! The old Bit Torrent Sync obviously already does what I desired in this feature request. It seems to me that this feature dropped away developing Resilio Sync. Last day I used again my old XP desktop with Bit Torrent Sync syncing with Resilio Sync App on MyCloudMirror. As I understand the operations, this preliminary version is signaling "sync completed with <peerXY>" by a "green V" in a "static closed green cycle".
  2. Thanks Helen for your help. Cookies must be enabled although I've never seen one. May be its possible by software to recognise this situaton and print a differentiated message.
  3. Resilio Sync realy works fine and does what I want. What I'm missing is the Status Column signaling "sync completed with <peerXY>" as I can look for in the Log Menue "Synchronisation with <XYZ" completed". Instead the Status is always a "green V" even if the Log says "Updated file <cbvgf.asd>" whatever that means. I think, as the Log demonstrates, the state "sync completed with <peerXY>" exists and with little effort you can there from derive a signal in the Status Column. That would result in a better overview about the lot of syncing processes and makes it much easier to decide to shutdown Resilio Sync or the whole computer. A solution could be (with possibly two fields) in Status Column: black rotating cirkle: "reading file info" blue rotating cirkle: "file transfer in progress" yellow rotating cirkle: "sync with <count> peers in progress" green V: "sync completed with all peers" best regards and thanks
  4. I installed resilio sync as server. But in firefox 54.0.1 the URL unexpectedly shows an error message "sync does not support your web browser" (s. attachment). In addition I attached the firefox info in case of error. resilio sync as server in firefox.pdf
  5. In my environment to use Resilio Sync, its fundamental to sync with my NAS MYCLOUD MIRROR (not GEN2). I first tried to install the GEN2 binary there, but it rejected with an error. After a while waiting for a response by Sync Support and not giving up I tried to load the other WDMycloud binaries. And really, the last one for EX2 does it: https://download-cdn.getsync.mcom/2.5.7/WD/WDMyCloudEX2_ResilioSync_2.5.7.bin Now I'm happy to found Resilio Sync because it makes possible what WDsmartdrive doesn't, which I deeply disappointed uninstalled before. Whith the default settings it seemed, the Mirror frequently hangs in indexing. As the hints in the web to disable the indexing processes didn't help, I modified some settings underAdmin-menue\settings\Network as shown in attachments and so optimising the NAS for networking with Windows. Maybe it was helpfull to regenerate the index database under ..\common\cloudaccess too. Now the Mirror has constantly performance enough and is a real home cloud. I finally can use it to sync my PC with a tablett, backup picture from a smartphone and so on.