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  1. Nope, Client A and Client B has both folders. Folder A should keep sync files between Client A and B every time possible over Internet or Local. But Folder B should only bei sync when both clients are on a local network
  2. I have two clients that each have the following folders in Resilio Sync Folder A (Small Files, to be synchronized via the Internet) Folder Preferences search_lan=1 use_hosts=0 use_relay_server=1 use_tracker=1 Folder B (Big Files, should only be synchronized via LAN) search_lan=1 use_hosts=0 use_relay_server=0 use_tracker=0 However, the settings for Folder B are not applied. The exchange of data takes place even if the two clients are connected via the Internet in different locations.
  3. Hello Folks, Is there a way to disable debug logging in resiliosync via config?