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  1. Related (and link to another related post):
  2. +1 My use case is similar (if not the same), but I'd to phrase it in a different way. I want to be able to disable seeding of a specific folder on a device that has a connection which is either slow or expensive. It would be even better if this could be a default setting when sharing a folder from a super node. This sort of goes against the idea of distributed shahring that Resilio Sync/Torrents are, but I often want the robustness and reliability of a Resilio Sync transfer in a centralised sharing environment.
  3. Just for clarity, is rslsync running when this snapshot is restored? I assume it's not. I suppose the question could also be phrased as which files would need to be part of a snapshot to be able to make a Read Only peer be exactly as it was before Peer A removed the file? In this case if Peer A stays offline Peer B should have no way to know that the file was removed and serve it to Peer C. For what it may be worth, I recently moved the .sync folder on my "main" server into $HOME/.config/resilio-sync (for systemd sanity) and things were a bit wacky until I also moved
  4. It's just odd when the Linux version's Web UI notifies you about an update every time you open it, gets you all excited for nothing. ☺️
  5. +1 (Ahh, the futility of a 4 year old feature request)