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  1. My Objective: Put a constantly updating file into the Resilio Sync folder. Problem: When I run my code, the updating file appears in the raspberry pi synced folder; however, it does not sync to my other computers unless the python code is no longer running. I've found that the following code syncs perfectly with Resilio: #Send IP Address Information to the Folder f = open("/home/pi/Desktop/folder/Data/ipAddress.txt","w+") f.write(str(ipPrint)) f.close() The files that don't sync are the ones that are appended ,"a+": for port in activeports: files[index] = open("/home/pi/Desktop/folder/Data/" + "20" + filedate.strftime('%y_%m_%d_') + str(devices[index]) + ".csv","a+") Do you guys have any idea on what's happening? Thanks in advance!