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  1. I've installed Resilio Sync on Raspberry Pi and added CIFS shared folder from Apple Airport Extreme to sync. Sync working for few hours and then it stopped. log: 20170827 14:53:13.236] TF[303B] [0x6591a528][/home/xbian/FamilyLibrary/music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Boards Of Canada/The Campfire Headphase/14 Tears From The Compound Eye.m4a]: unloading torrent by timeout [20170827 14:53:15.247] TF[303B] [0x65913f38][/home/xbian/FamilyLibrary/music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Dan Barta/Theyories/11 Fool of me.m4a]: unloading torrent by timeout [20170827 14:53:24.300] TF[303B] [0x65903918][/home/xbian/
  2. Manually installed on Synology DiskStation DS216+II from official page, created default Resilio Sync user in web gui. When adding any folder from user home or shared folder, still receiving Don't have permission to write to selected folder. Any ideas, please? Thanks.