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  1. Hey HerbertMayer, thank you! It worked for me the way you described?
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently on version 2.5.13 (1301) and got auto-update off. When I search for updates manually it finds version 2.6. Whenever I try to install it, this message appears: "The update of Resilio Sync failed. Error: The requested process cannot be completed because the specified process is not a GUI process." I tried multiple times and this always happens. Does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks, David
  3. The Single Share defenetly needs an option to share with linked devices!!! This would make the feature way more efficient.
  4. Hey Guys, first of all sorry for my bad english :). The Advanced Folders have the nice option, to change the permissions for the devices once the folder is created and shared. I use 2 Android devices and 1 Windows computer. On Windows there's the option to chage the permissions of the Android devices, on Android, I can't change them, basically I can't create Advanced Folders. The only possibility is to create an Advanced Folder on Windows and share it with the Android device. Also, why can't I change the permission from my Windows computer? It's always Owner and can't be changed to Read Only. Kind Regards David