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  1. Use one from your hard drive or use your gravatar profile pic.
  2. It works regardless of file format. It's file SIZE dependent. The smaller the file, the less likely it is to take an incremental update.
  3. Do you have another application listening on 49539?
  4. The "server in the middle" you're talking about only comes into play if: 1> the setting is turned on to use relays AND it's not possible to get a direct connection between the peers 2> the setting is turned on to use tracker servers. If you tell BitTorrent Sync to not use outside servers, it won't use outside servers.
  5. Bind mounts work better and more transparently in applications than symlinks and should work better if you want to use them.
  6. Moved to the correct section of the forum.s
  7. Also, this is the section of the forums for the regular bittorrent client, not sync.
  8. If you already have the full access key and a copy of the files from the folder, yes you should be able to restore a "master" from that.
  9. Sync doesn't use 6881 unless you specifically tell it to. (Default is a high-range random port)
  10. Your truecrypt settings are set to not modify the timestamp of the container file when unmounting. That is what is causing your issue.
  11. There is no button. It's supposed to happen automatically.
  12. The gigs of difference also includes unindexed files on the destination. As the destination indexes and as the source polls the destination, the difference amount will go down without transferring the files.
  13. You're assuming this based on what behavior exactly? It still has to index the files on the pi even if you copied them over from an existing source. Pre-copied files will be indexed, their index information compared, and only replaced if the index information (which is based on segmented checksums of the files) differs.
  14. The rescan interval is primarily used on operating systems that have problems notifying applications of file changes (macos primarily) Having a rescan interval that is too fast will cause your system to slow down massively. If you're primarily using linux and windows systems, having a short rescan interval is of no benefit as those platforms have file-change notifications that sync has implemented.
  15. Have you checked with software like unlocker to make sure?
  16. Locked files are files that are locked open in another program on your system.
  17. No. I'm referring to getting a rental machine somewhere. BitTorrent Sync can't interact directly with box/dropbox. It's not the same kind of service.