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  1. 4 devices. 3 devices have been syncing fine. I had to remove and re-add a folder to the other device because it stopped syncing. I stopped sync and removed the folder from broken device. Completely removed the files in this folder as well basically starting from scratch. Re-added the synced folder, peers are connected but no files are being downloaded to the device. Tried adding the folder manually as well as through linked device, same result.
  2. I deleted a conflict file and resilio keeps trying to sync it for some reason resulting in the name log multiple times. It's also stopped syncing altogether. I'm unable to close out of resilio without ending the process. This is the line that repeats throughout the whole log. [2017-09-06 09:58:53.884] JOURNAL[898F]: Check fs duplicates, fp: \\?\D:\NanzVault\PDFs\Procedures\ANSI:BHMA Standards\ANSI+BHMA Finishes.Conflict1542181.pdf (1 0), suffix: \\?\D:\NanzVault\PDFs\Procedures\ANSI:BHMA Standards\ANSI+BHMA Finishes.Conflict1542181.pdf.rsls (1 0)