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  1. It's using 732MB RAM here on macOS Big Sur (after a reboot). Dropbox is only using 284MB.
  2. Hi I've been using Resilio Sync Home 2.5.13 on the Mac for a while and apart from the odd 100% CPU it has been quite reliable. I just tried to upgrade to the latest (no version number on download page anymore?) and I was unable to sync my development folder it just stayed at 0%, also on one Mac it said something like "unable to connect to tracker" but the other Mac on same network was ok. I noticed files were syncing so I attempted to do some work and that is when I had problems with Git repo files not syncing. Making changes on one computer corrupted the repo on the other, with conflicts to d
  3. Noticed a new UI hang bug introduced in 2.5.12 (2.5.12). When a computer has rejoined the home network and is trying to sync. The home computer begins indexing and/or syncing with 0% and during this time it is not possible to click the menu bar in the app, the Mac menu bar is unresponsive however the app is responsive. Since it appears frozen the user kills the app however the problem appears again on the next launch so the solution is just to wait. So it appears something is blocking the UI thread in the indexing or syncing procedure.
  4. All good here. I tested in 3 situations that usually trigger it and 2.5.8 has resolved the issue for me, lets hope it doesn't return.
  5. Thanks I took a look at the change log and it does mention a fix for high CPU so I will give 2.5.8 a try and report back. I'll likely be in the situation it happens (coffee shop) in the next couple of days.
  6. I tweeted Resilio about this the other day and just before I contacted support I thought I was check the forum and here I am. Same issue here, 2.5.7. It happens to me every time I open my MacBook Pro in a coffee shop, i.e. somewhere I might not have instantly available Wi-Fi or problematic Wi-Fi. The battery drain caused by this, in this particular situation is quite annoying! Does anyone have a bug number or some kind of reference I can use to contact support without having to explain the problem? Thanks.