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  1. Title says it. I am trying to re-establish a read only link between folders, (I want to keep the original .sync directory because it has some ignore rules I want to keep.) So why can't I get this linked back up as a read only connection?
  2. Android connecting to peers on LAN but not from out of network. So it seems that suddenly that Sync on my android is not connecting to peers from out of network wifi or cellular. I've restarted the apps, my router, my phone and still no luck. I tried to scan the qr code from my phone to the peer at my home (from chrome remote desktop) and that fails too. I am not aware of any changes to my network settings. Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot?
  3. Yeah, well at least I'm not alone! I have my Feral set up with a crontab to restart each day since it seems to crash on my slot pretty frequently. I also have static internal IP for my NAS and port opened and UPnP selected and no proxy server. It stays connected but gets slow. I look at the listening ports and those don't seem to change even with the daily restarts. I was trying to find logs for the feral side but am not sure where they are so that I could submit them. If I find them and can get any help I'll definitely post back here to update...
  4. I have current version of Sync running on a Feral seedbox and on my home NAS (Asustor) through a R7000 router. Speeds will transfer in the neighborhood of 250 KB/s until I restart the Sync app on my NAS. Then I get 4-5 MB/s no problems, for a while, (not sure how long though.) I have tried to give the local address for the NAS priority "quality of service" on the router but have seen no improvement. Charter is my carrier, and I am not aware of them throttling, and the fact that it goes at faster speeds upon restarts makes me think it's not Charter... What do you think I can do to maintain the normal faster speeds? (Happy to give more details to try to troubleshoot this!) Thanks for any help, J
  5. I have an Asustor NAS and a Nighthawk router setup for some seedbox syncing. I am getting speeds in the 200 KB/s. But if I restart my router, I get speeds in the 3MB/s range for a while. Anyone know what I can do to maintain this kind of speed? I am not sure what is happening when it slows down. All other speedtests I can do are plenty fast with my other connections... Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Not getting any help from support other than 'read the directions' after I purchased a Pro license and am not able to activate it on two of my devices. OK, so I have the Pro license key working on my Mac and Seedbox but I am not having luck with my PC or NAS (Asustor) whether I copy all the text out of the attached key, or use the ID key (shorter string) from my Mac to connect the NAS or PC. (I get the "disconnect" notice on both NAS and PC and disconnect but nothing seems to change in terms of licensing on those devices.) I still get the SE_INVALID_PARAMETER error when trying to add the license by file on the PC.... Any idea why I can't get the key to work on the NAS and PC?