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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm wondering if my Patreon idea is posable with Sync. I know that I can give the Read Only link to someone and they can then sync everything from the folder. What I'd like to know is can I limit someone to sync only certain files within that folder, and can I schedule that sync time. We have a weekly community tv show and my idea is that Patrons at the $5 a month level will get access to all the shows the day before they go to air as well as all the shows since they became a patron. A Patron at the $10 a month level will have access to the episodes as soon as I finish them as well as all the past episodes from that season. There might be another level with access to 20 seasons of our show, but that's a lot of data. I'm sure I could make this work with lots of different folders and Read Only links, but I'm imaging that would make lots of duplicate files. I'm also worried that this is a Business account feature and as a sole operator (I have two hosts, but I do the whole show from camera to final broadcast export myself) I'm more of a Sync Home budget. I'm also fairly new to Sync. It's been great for backing up our two iMacs and sharing our family photos.
  2. Hi all, I've just updated Sync on my Mac to Version 2.5.9 (2.5.9) and when it restarted none of my folders were in Sync anymore. The folders themselves have the Sync logo on them still. I tried to relink one of the folders by resending the Share Link from my phone. I got the warning that the folder wasn't empty, but I'm sure the folder on this computer and the one that it is synced to were fully up to date with each other. Now Sync is stuck on 0% and Indexing. When I go to the other computer it now says that there are two of this computer accessing the folder. One online and the other off line. I have a feeling that a preferences file may have been trashed during the update. But I just ran the auto install that came up with the notification that there was an update available. It worked fine on the other computer a few days ago. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I've got about 7Tb of files that were synced in these folders and I don't want to go through the process of doing another delete and sync. I do have Carbon Copy Cloner as well as TimeMachine backing up my internal hard drive if that could help. Thanks in advance.