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  1. That is correct - and I'd like the program to be able to do this for me automatically (which, I'm assuming, means that it needs to be capable of automatically decrypting and mounting veracrypt and cryptomator volumes so the contents can be updated, yes? Or can these programs update the contents of the vault without having to decrypt and mount them first? I don't know very much about how cryptography and syncing file level changes works.) rsync and rclone are both open source, which is good, but neither seem to be particularly user-friendly. I'm not an advanced user, so I'd like to avoid using something that requires you do things on the command line. Something with a standard installer, desktop icon, and menu interface would be ideal. Do you know of any wrappers for rsync or rclone that will make them more user-friendly? Or do you know of any other programs that can do what I'm looking for that are more appropriate for inexperienced users?
  2. I'm thinking of downloading Resilio Sync, but I have a few questions first. Basically, what I'd like to be able to do is use Resilio Sync to keep my local My Documents folder synced with either a Cryptomator or Veracrypt vault stored in my local cloud folder (be it for Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). In more detail, what I'd like to do is drag copies of individual files and file folders that I'd like to keep backed up into my Cryptomator/Veracrypt vault and have any changes I make to the local version of those files synced with the copies stored in the vault. I don't want to work directly out of Cryptomator or Veracrypt, I still want to be able to work with my files locally. I want all of this to be done automatically for me - I've heard that some sync tools have the ability to periodically unlock your Cryptomator or Veracrypt vaults in order to sync changes between the files inside the vault and the local copies of those files. I'm wondering if Resilio Sync has this capability. If Resilio Sync can do what I just described, I'd also like to know how Resilio Sync functions with blocked permissions. I really don't like how Resilio Sync is closed-source, but I'd still like to try it out because I've heard its so user friendly and well maintained compared to most of the competition. When I want to use closed-source software but don't feel entirely comfortable with the privacy implications though, I'll sometimes set up a firewall rule to block outbound connections for that software. If I do this with Resilio Sync, will it still function properly, considering that I'm looking to sync between files and folders technically stored on the same machine? I can't imagine why Resilio Sync would need to be able to ping home if all the syncing I'm doing is done on the same machine. Also, I've heard some talk of Resilio Sync having issues with randomly deleting files. Are these claims unfounded? If not, are the deleted files simply moved to the recycle bin? I just got a little nervous reading about this. Does it sound like Resilio Sync is a good fit for my needs? Thanks for any help.