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  1. Ok that sounds good. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. I went from Sync Pro Individual License which is Sync Home Pro now, to Sync Family Pro.
  3. I recently upgraded my license from a personal licence to the sync home license. I am starting to feel like I made the wrong decision so I am hoping to get some information I might have missed. I sent an email a few weeks ago to support asking why my license didn't come with any seats that I could delegate out to family members. They replied and said that the Home license doesn't provide seats, and you are supposed to share out the license file carefully up to 5 family members. I had a follow up question. If we don't have the ability to assign seating to our licenses, how does the application tell the difference between 5 family members V.S. 5 computers I have added? Or does that not matter? Is my license just going to all of a sudden stop working because I have added 5 computers and Sync thinks I have given it out to 5 people? How does that work? I am afraid to switch to the new license because I don't want to set it up on all my computers and then not be able to hand it out to family members because all my "family members" are used up.