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  1. No...I have one folder (PRINT) containing subfolder (FINISHED). Customer is filling up PRINT folder with photographs and folders of photographs. I am printing it and ones photographs are printed, I am moving files and folders into FINISHED folder.
  2. Hi there. I am just starting to play with Resilio. It looks like great software. Just wonder if it can manage this situation: I have NAS folder with sync of customer folder. Customer is filling it up with files for printing. Ones any file (folder) is "done" (printed files) I am moving it to "FINISHED" folder. I use to do it with Dropbox. Everything works perfect, but need DB capacity for another projects. So I am trying set up Resilio sync. But ones I move files/folders into "FINISHED" folder, same files start to be downloaded into my NAS again from customer and content of "FINISHED" folder is uploaded to customers one. Is there any way to set up Sync to do "mirroring"....so ones I move/delete any file in my NAS, it will do the same in customerĀ“s side (and vice versa)? Thx in advance. -dusan-