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  1. No...I have one folder (PRINT) containing subfolder (FINISHED). Customer is filling up PRINT folder with photographs and folders of photographs. I am printing it and ones photographs are printed, I am moving files and folders into FINISHED folder.
  2. Hi there. I am just starting to play with Resilio. It looks like great software. Just wonder if it can manage this situation: I have NAS folder with sync of customer folder. Customer is filling it up with files for printing. Ones any file (folder) is "done" (printed files) I am moving it to "FINISHED" folder. I use to do it with Dropbox. Everything works perfect, but need DB capacity for another projects. So I am trying set up Resilio sync. But ones I move files/folders into "FINISHED" folder, same files start to be downloaded into my NAS again from customer and content of "FINISHED" fol