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  1. I'm experiencing a similar issue on Linux Mint 17.3 (based on ubuntu). The webinterface states that it cannot find the folders set up in an earlier version of Resilio Sync. When I tried to change the default location (which has been changed from the desired /home/myuser/sync to the new /home/myuser/sync/share supposedly during an update), then the web interface tells me: "You do not have permission to write to this directory." However, the directory and all subdirectories are set up using my user and group rslsync. Also, my old folders have the status "Folder not found". /home and /home/myuser have drwx------ myuser:myuser /home/myuser/sync has drwxrwxr-x myuser:rslsync Needless to say that rslsync and myuser have the group rslsync assigned. Interestingly enough: When I create a folder /testrsl (<- in the file system root) with drwxrwxr-x myuser:rslync then everything works fine. The webinterface accepts this folder. Maybe the UI tries to open the folders step by step and fails, because it is not allowed to open /home & /home/myuser? This would explain, why it succeeds with /testrsl but fails with /home/myuser/sync [edit: correct typo]