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  1. I confirmed this behaviour of the iPhone app now. With the Android app LAN sync is possible. I will file a bug with logs.
  2. Hi there, i'm currently testing Resilio Sync (for now the free version) and struggeling a little bit with my iPhone. Here is my setup: 1 PC 1 Notebook 1 iPhone all are in the same network and at the same router. I created at the computer one folder with an file and disabled for that the relay and tracker option. If I now copy the code (doesn't matter which) and paste it into the iPhone app the iPhone doesn't sync. (Peers: 0). When I paste the code to the notebook the notebook will sync immediately. If I activate the relay and tracker option for that folder the iPhone will sync. For me it seems that the iphone app can't sync in LAN only because the notebook will do on the same router. Any suggestions?