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  1. Hello, I would like to see in the coming update a full view of shared folders. I mean by that subfolders and files with the status (shared / ignored / hidden / paused...). Because the current view by clicking "on online peers" is, in my point of view, useless. We can see only the first 15 files and.... voila ! Thank you very much to take into account this awesome suggestion ! =D An almost fully happy user, Ken
  2. Hello, I have discrepancies between the number of items in the folder and the taken into account for syncing. I'm using a mac os X with Resilio 2.5.9 IMPORTANT : the hidden .DS_Store files doesn't explain this discrepancy ( 4517 vs 3459 files) I have 324 hidden .DS_store files and nothing corresponding to else which could be ignored because of the ignoreList. Thanks in advance for your answer or clues, Chris