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  1. Hello Alex, do you know when this version will be available? I was going crasy to find what happened with my NAS.
  2. On the topic dedicated to the 2.6.2 I found that by the staff: We have to wait 😃
  3. Hello I think I have the same problem. Between 3 NAS: DS411+II (x86) , DS1515 (Alpine) et DS211+ (88f628x) . using the last version 2.6.2 I synchronised movies and a lot of files waren't synchronised. There were data transmission between clients, creation of the temp file "xxx.!sync" in the .sync folder. But After i have in the history tab of the sending client "failed to download FILENAME readfromdisk " nothing in the receiver client and nothing else happened. It was when it was the DS1515 the sending client. No test with the others. I don't had the idea to check a 2 G
  4. Hello, I sync two synologys NAS using BitSync and now Resilio. I updated on the last version 2.5.9 (1088). I had some sync problems so I delete and install again from scratch. On the 1st NAS I create the "sync folder" and wait that the indexing process finish (3.8 To)- 30 hours about. When it's done I create on the second ANS a Read Only folder. Data where already on the 2nd nas so it was only a new indexing process without data transferred. At the end, on the two NAS I had the message "Finishing Syncing with XXX" . But very quickly on the second ANS, the I