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  1. I also ran into permission issues 1-2 months ago with Resilio. This should be a feature.
  2. Hey Drego85 - i am assuming you are syncing w/ encryption via Resilio? Can you provide any updates? Are you still doing this or have you tried other methods? (for either encrypt as REST/ and or TRANSIT? ie. VPN tunnelling)
  3. I've shared about 30 folder locations, and now I don't remember WHY I've shared it in the first place. some shares are within folders within folders as I did not want the other people to have complete access to the root folders. It would be good if we can have another field when sharing for a description. 256 characters or so. I can't imagine in a larger environment where you are sharing 100s of folder locations...
  4. jd84/ Gane - this is awesome This would be good at the UI; the rest of the population like me is too dumb to run these types of commands. Keeping it KISS would get more people using Resilio
  5. @Gane O'dwyer - responded. Also just noted that under the LInkedDevice page - it also reset to their default values (i) it reverted back to 'Synced' instead of 'Disconnected' (ii) Default Folder location is back to // resilio-sync
  6. I have got another MBP for work, however is limited in size, thus i have to use Selective Sync for large folders. Is there any way to (i) run some type of commands/ or (ii) view an output/ file or (iii) UI that shows which files, paths are being synced as opposed to the ones which are selectively synced? Some of my folders are many levels deep. I can only compare this with Dropbox (paid)/ OneDrive (business) as this is what i am trying to move away from.
  7. i raised this with support and it just ended there. unfortunately no." @support team - please get this fixed! The issue occurred on my nas where it wrote to my root directory and filled up the space with logs and sync-ed data. My issue is happening on a NAS (ReadyNAS - some type of linux os) Do you have plans to get this fixed? Do you have plans to make this configurable somewhere else rather than the UI as it is now happening on a Windows PC
  8. Hi all, been using Resilio for 2 months in looking to replace dropbox eventually. Objective: using laptops, sync apps such as dropbox/ google drive drain shorten the laptop's battery life quite dramatically thus i use Keyboard Maestro to schedule turn on/ turn off 3 times a day for 10mins at a time I also wanted to see how people are configuring their NAS and/ or laptops in this same situation and any negative/ positive experiences. I have the following setup: - Macbook home - 1TB - NAS - primarily for storage - 6TB - Macbook work - 1TB - Other family member macbook(s) NAS power user preferences - enable_journaling: false - to allow sleep - config_save_interval: 86400 sec (24hr) - config_refresh_interval: 28800 sec (8hr) - folder_rescan_interval: 28800 sec (8hr) - sync_trash_ttl: 180 days for archive - log_size: 500 MB - log_ttl: 180 days - enable_journaling: false Macbook power user preferences - enable_journaling: true - config_save_interval: 600 sec - config_refresh_interval: 3600 sec (1hr) - folder_rescan_interval: 600 sec (10min) - sync_trash_ttl: 180 days for archive - log_size: 500 MB - log_ttl: 180 days - enable_journaling: true i do have the following questions: #1 - are there any potential issues with the above configuration which may lead to possible errors in synchronisation? - NAS has long save, refresh and rescan intervals (ie. This is used as a data responsitory and files are changed from computers)? #2 - each macbook/ PC uses Keyboard Meastro to schedule turning on/ off 3 times a day for 10mins - i am currently unaware of any potential issues with this in terms of syncing at the moment. #3 - is there any way to get access to the NAS file versions from both PC #1 and #2? PC #1 and #2 will perform the file changes and as per the technical guides, the endpoint changing the files will not have an archive/ version history - so how would i get access to the versioned files?