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  1. Thanks for the fast reply i have fixed the log now so it writes [11:36:24.478] Debug log mask has been set to FFFFFFFF [11:36:24.479] Features mask has been set to 0 so now i will just wait until the speed goes down
  2. From a reset of log, and restart of sync on my NAS it looks like this version: [10:38:42.010] Debug log mask has been set to 80000000 [10:38:42.010] Features mask has been set to 0 [20171221 10:38:42.011] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100. [20171221 10:38:42.096] UDP: bound listening socket 8 to IP [20171221 10:38:42.096] UDP: bound listening socket 9 to IP [::]:19772 [20171221 10:38:42.209] IPv6 is installed [20171221 10:38:42.209] Loading sync.dat version 2.5.5, current version 2.5.5 [20171221 10:38:42.210] My PeerID: 100F8F287980C3D
  3. I just found my log file on Feral, then i need to do some testing a reproduce the problem without the restart task for information, the log is enabled first in Webgui config and can be found here eos.feralhosting.com:/media/sdr1/home/USERNAME/.sync i used SFTP from FAR Manager to access the server so i was able to see the hidden directories easily
  4. Yes i have tried everything at the two links, and was already something i did before i joined this forum. but we need to troubleshoot to find the exact cause instead of a link the describe how to set it up. i have port forwarded, upnp, and check the settings, but no where it says anything about how it can be a restart solves the problem
  5. I never restart my feral hosting Sync, its on my NAS i do it, from Feral hosting you should use the MC to make it easier to navigate at search for files, normally a folder called BTsync or Resillion is created and i think the logs are stored here! at first i thought my ISP was throttling. but the fix is just to restart the deamon
  6. I experience the exact same issue with a Synology NAS DS1515+ with 16GB memory. i also run on feralhosting, and have static ip, i know reroute can help out some times, but my speed is stuck on 500kb-1MB and after a restart i reach 36MB/s and Max out the full speed of my internet connection. on Synology its possible to setup a task schedule to restart the sync app, but would like to know the root cause of this. i have set my NAS to static IP and forwarded the BT Sync ports, and made direct connection. Maybe the issue can come from Feral changing ip or ports of the sync! so it loo