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  1. Now, It suddenly started indexing again. Is there anyway to speed this up? I thought it was stuck....
  2. Dear ... I am having issues with resilio sync on Ubuntu 17.10 64 bit. I installed sync, added a folder with the majority of the files already on my drive (pre-seed). I use a 8TB exFAT external HDD, but the indexing is already taking 3 days for only 2.96TB, and overnight nothing happened. What is the problem, and how do I fix this? Syncing happens, but very slow. Kind regards, Joannes Wyckmans
  3. What Gane O'dwyer stated is correct, unless you get issues with a slow-indexing problem. I do have a 8TB harddrive with 3.5TB files on it. The problem is, that while syncing, indexing also starts. If you have the files already on your harddrive like I do, then it should only index if the file hashes are the same. But, indexing 3.5 TB is already taking 2.5 days, and seems to be getting slower every hour. So, it should be quicker, but that is not always the case depending on your situation.
  4. I don't know if your issue is being resolved, but it's december 2017 and I still have slow indexing issues. Indexing already took 2 days, and seems to be getting slower by the hour. I use a 8TB external HDD with read/write speeds of about 100MB/s. And this is not on a NAS, but on a Laptop. So like linenoise stated, it's not only an issue on a NAS. Also I use the exFAT filesystem, in case this minds.