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  1. Hi there again, Gane, I checked my config.json and it's set up for 8888. I did a netstat check and it looks like the port isn't active at all: I'm not sure why but it looks like it's not running, even though I ran the commands to start it again. Any suggestions on getting it running?
  2. This worked great on my Ubu laptop but it's not working for me on my Debian install. I followed the instructions above but after performing the steps, when I try to connect to the web interface, it shows as unable to load page. Before I performed the steps, I could see the web interface but it was showing the rslsync user. The check you had me perform at the end shows: Is there something else I need to do to make the change work?
  3. Thanks very much for your help, that seems to be working great!
  4. Hi there everyone, I have installed Sync on both an Ubu and Debian OS and in both, Sync installs under user rslsync which is not very useful for my needs at all. I would like to use the files I'm syncing without dealing with ownership or permission issues. Did manage to get it running under my user once but restart renewed rslsync's ownership of the running process and trying the above again results in the inability to connect to the GUI at all although Clearly shows the process running under my user. Can anyone tell me how I would modify the install of sync to run under my user? Thanks for your time!
  5. Hi there everyone! I'm brand new to the service and am still muddling my way through the options and documentation but have a question I can't find an answer to. I have set up a backup on my Android phone to send the camera pics to my PC. It seems to be working great and I see the folder with it's contents. The problem is the DCIM folder is in my resilio root and I'd really like to separate my backups(since I have more than one phone I'd like to do this with). I'd like to create folders for the phones (S60, 5X, S4) and then place the associated backups in those folders. Is this possible and if so, how would I do this? I've played with all the options available on the right-click menu with that folder and can't see anything that would allow me to remap the folder location. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  6. Boy, sure do wish I had found this before I spent an hour trying everything under the sun to retrieve a valid GPG key.