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  1. I've just experimented with this a bit more, and it seems Helen is right. If you right-click a folder, and select 'Sync to this device', its contents will automatically sync from then on (new files will appear, not placeholders). And I can't see any way of changing this back, so once it is set, you are stuck that way. So it looks like Resilio does remember, on a per-subfolder basis, whether it should sync the files, or sync the placeholders. It just doesn't let you see this setting or change it easily. So I guess what I'd like to see is something in the right-click menu that tells you what the setting is, and lets you choose. Also, I think you should add a confirmation dialog to the 'Remove from all devices' and 'Remove from this device' context menu items. It is very easy to hit the wrong one when using a tablet, and not notice until the archive has emptied itself.
  2. I use Resilio to sync a music library across multiple devices, some of which have limited space On devices with limited space, I'd like to exclude some folders, using the selective sync feature But, when I add new music to the library, I want it to sync across all devices automatically Just syncing the placeholders is partially helpful, as it lets me import the music on the selective sync clients using the file browser But placeholders aren't going to show up in my music player, so if the new files don't sync automatically, I have to go to a lot of manual effort Right now, when you add a new file, a placeholder will appear in all selective sync clients. I'd like to be able to configure the default behavior (sync the placeholder, or sync the entire file) on a per-share basis, when selective sync is enabled. I'd like to be able to do this by checking a checkbox in the 'Preferences' window of the share.