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  1. Thanks for the reply Alex. However, I was looking for Resilio to set an environment variable with a path to the sync folder. Unless I am mis-understanding your reply
  2. I guess it could be useful to have it built in. When I have synced data which is archived, I create PAR set using MultiPAR That way I can crc check and fix any inconsistencies that are found. No good for files that dynamically change but in gives me some comfort that the data is still good, wherever is is synced to
  3. I wrote powershell script to interrogate the location of the the dropbox and then set a variable. Trouble is it required additional software installing and configuration to get it to work. I never got to try it with multiple user profiles. It would seem a lot more efficient to have the client just set a user variable
  4. Yup. I am still hanging out for this - cant be that difficult programmatically....
  5. Almost completely moved to Resilio now - giving up on dbox completely since their last client limit Still hoping that this feature could be implmented?
  6. New user here, finally migrating away from other solutions. I like to store alot of portable apps and files in my sync folders. I also like to create shortcuts that point to them; usually in a folder located in the root of the sync folder. The sync folder location varies, depending on the machine I have installed, so shortcuts don't usually work very well. To get round it I manually create an environment variable that allows the s/cuts work, eg %resilio%\programs\name.exe rather than a hardcode path. Would it be possible to sync client to create this variable? I don't think it w