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  1. Thanks for a fast reponse! 1) It's just a green checkmark and it doesn't say indexing. None of the other folders are indexing either. yeah, the folder contains files up to the 1-4 gb range. I tried adding two files (80Mb and 500Mb) to one of the folders on the NAS that is synced to the NAS from the PC, while watching the web-GUI for the NAS: It doesn't say "indexing" after adding those files. Shouldn't it? Those files doesn't appear in the corresponding synced PC-folder either (after about 5 minutes). Edit: After a few more minutes the 80Mb file did appear on my PC. Then, a minu
  2. I tried adding a txt-file into the videos-folder on my NAS and it showed up as the only file on my PC imidiatly (as previously described). I then tried moving around a file within one of the sub-folders (on the NAS), and then shortly after on the PC, SOME of the subfolders appeared, but far from all. Since it's set up with selective sync on my PC, i tried right-clicking on one of the folders and choosing "sync to this device". That popped up a error saying "Cant receive.... This file will be received when a peer with the file comes online (The NAS is on the same local network as me a
  3. Hello there! I recently bought resilio sync home pro and have installed in on my PC and NAS. The NAS is an Netgear ReadyNAS 104. I have linked the devices, and both of them have "Disconnected" as default mode (i.e i manually choose wich folders to sync to each unit). I've added my Google Drive folder on my PC to resilio and it's backing up to my NAS. All the existing files in my google drive got indexed and copied to my NAS (currently doing it again because i did some changes...) I've also added a folder on my PC with a lot of GoPro raw-footage and it works just fine in t