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  1. Following indications from the Resilio support team I upgraded the Android app from the Play Store to the last version and the problem disappeared. I would like to thank the Resilio support team for their prompt answer. Best regards d.p.
  2. Sear Sirs, I submitted the following problem report through the Android app also attaching logfiles. I don't know how to refer to it since the Android app did not return me a problem id. Could you please help me? Recently the phone company changed my modem/router (from Fritz!Box 3272 to Zyxel VMG 8825) due to line upgrade (from ADSL to optical fiber FTTC). Note that the FTTC is not active yet so the new modem is still working as ADSL. What happened is that since I installed the new modem, the Resilio Sync for Android has stopped working in most use cases which previously worked:
  3. File deletion was in the end performed in Android some days after I did it in Windows. Is it nominal such delay? I would expect modifications to be mirrored in short time. Best regards
  4. Dear Sirs, I report the following problem occurred when synchronizing a windows (advanced) folder with my android device (on SD card). The actions I performed on the windows folder included some copy, rename and deletion of files. What happened in the end is that the modification were replicated in the Android device, apart from the deletion of one file which remained present in the Android folder. The strange thing is that the file is present in the SD, but it is not visible if I access the shared folder from inside the resilio sync app. It is instead visible from otherwise file manager. It
  5. Is disconnecting and reconnecting the shared folder (already populated with files and .sync directory) a reliable procedure? or should we completely delete the shared folder and recreate from scratch? I remember that some time ago I read in the resilio online documentation that reconnecting a pre-populated folder is not a reliable procedure and should be avoided. Can you clarify this point? Thank you very much for your support Best regards
  6. Hello, I tried to send logfiles from android but could not find in 2.6.1 the "send feedback" option (note that I am using the Italian version) as explained in: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205458145-Settings-on-mobile-platforms Has this option been moved? Thank you Dario Pascucci
  7. Yes, standard folder on Windows 10 PC. I declared "standard folder" specifically to have read-only access on Android linked device. I noticed that when I connect the folder on Android with the read-only QR code the read-only attribute is not propagated, but when I connect with the read-only key it is propagated which is an unexpected behaviour in my opinion. Thank you for your support Best regards Dario Pascucci
  8. After updating to 2.6.1 (7881) on Sony XZ1 with Android 8.0, following the need to disconnect/reconnect all the shared folders to access them (as reported in other thread), I noticed that it is no longer possible to connect folders in readonly mode according to procedure reported in: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206216565-How-to-create-a-Read-Only-folder-while-syncing-across-linked-devices- This used to work in previous release. Thank you for providing feedback on this issue. ------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: the i
  9. Hello Helen, in the end I decided to purchase the Home Pro version and start to use Resilio as default application to syncronize my PC and phone. So in the last week I have started to use it on a regular basis (linked devices, advanced folders) and I confirm that with my setup (as described in my first email) the problem randomly appears for the folders stored on the phone SD (in fact I am currently using it only for folders stored in the phone internal memory). Just to remind, the problem is that sometimes when removing files on the PC side, the synced files are not deleted on the A
  10. Dear Helen, following the expiration of my pro trial period I reinstalled both the windows and android programs and the problem no longer appears. The setup is the same but obviously there is no pro features. I continue to monitor the situation and I'll let you know. Best regards
  11. Hello Helen, thank you for answering my post. Please find below my clarifications: 1) unfortunately my evaluation period expired and I uninstalled the apps, however they were the most updated Windows and Android versions available on December 20th and I was not notified of any update during the entire trial period. 2) Regular sync share, advanced folder (but I also reproduced in a test with standard folder). I have encountered the problem when synchronizing the DCIM folder, but the issue was not limited to this but affected any folder on the SD card that I tried to sync (I did
  12. Hello, I originally queued this post in the similar thread posted by forum member shai, but in the end I decided to move in a new thread since the two problems are unrelated and the problem reported by shai seem to be explained, but the solution is not applicable to my case. In the past week I have been using the trial period of Resilio Sync Home Pro to evaluate if it could fit with my use case which is the synchronization of some folders on my personal computer with my android phone. I have been very impressed by the capabilities of the application but unfortunately I encountered an
  13. Hello, I moved this post to a newly created thread since the reported problem should be different.