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  1. Awesome and you are correct in your assumptions. It had me on the fence about investing in Resilio. Since I feel like it would be a privacy violation, if I downloaded from other users as well. Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Hi. Lets say that Alice has a file named “Myfavoritepizzas.jpg” - which contains images of her favorite pizzas. Alice is super forgetful and has shared that file to all her devices using Resilio. Now, in Napoli there is a guy named Bob, he also has the exact same “Myfavoritepizzas.jpg” file. The hashes on both Bob and Alice’s files matches, so it’s the same file. Alice drops her phone in some scolding mozzarella and she has the get a new phone. She fires up Resilio - and here comes the question: Does Alice also download the file from Bob’s device or does she stay within her own “ecosystem”?