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  1. Here was some info I received from resilio support regarding a similar question: Regarding Sync pause, pause implies that only bits downloads are stopped. It means that - zero sized files will be synced either way; - paused peers will be able to upload files, but won't download anything; - file's deletion will be synced either way; - new files will be rescanned and indexed, i.e. share size will increase accordingly on a paused peers. You will find more info in the following article Best Regards, Re
  2. Hello, as the synology packages do not update via syno package manager anymore, is there some kind of update notification on version updates and release notes?
  3. Thank you, Gane. It works well. For others who, as I did, would take a second longer to understand, you have to manually edit the file sync.conf in the directory /usr/local/resiliosync/var (on Synology that is) and change the entry "listen":"[]:28888" to "listen":"[::]:28888". Don't forget to shut it down beforehand. BTW While you are at it and it's down, you might edit the file FileDelayConfig to your liking as well.
  4. Hello, is it possible to configure the WebUI to listen to ipv4 and ipv6? In other web apps on my Synology Diskstation I was able to set a configuration to sth like [::]. Best, Matt