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  1. Thank you for your response. I have tried what you suggested. However, I now get an error/alert box: foldererror32795 What might that mean?
  2. Hello, I am a Synology DSM7 noob. Can someone please help me setup Reslio, with the appropriate permissions? I am trying to sync a folder on my Mac with a specific folder on my Synology NAS (running DSM7). I don't know/understand how I get the permissions setup appropriately :/ Thank you all in advance.
  3. I have this build running on my DSM7rc version of the DS920+ NAS. How do I configure it to see all my NAS folders? Where do I configure permissions etc? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I am using Resilio Sync (v2.7.21375-1) on a Synology DS218+. It randomly stops. I must go into the installed apps section of DSM, to restart it. Can anyone assist at all?
  5. Hello, I am using Resilio sync to copy images from my Mac to my Synology NAS. I am having issues with file persissions on my NAS. I can see the copied images, but other apps such as Plex, cannot access them. I guess this is a permissions issue(?) Not sure what to do.
  6. I have managed to configure Resilio to backup content from my mobile to my NAS. All done via the 'backup' option within the mobile application. Now, on a new phone, I would like to perform a restore. What's the best approach to do so?
  7. Hello, I would like to use Resilio Sync as a means to backup my Android phone to my Synology NAS. I want to do something like this: On NAS: \user_home_folder\Mobilebackup On Mobile: \phone\DCIM \phone\Documents \phone\Music .... I want all of the mobile folders to sync to the NAS in subfolders within the base folder structure described above. Although I have Resilio Sync running on my NAS, and mobile, I don't understand how to configure things. Can somebody help at all?
  8. Hello, I sync my music files/library to the '/music' folder on my Synology DS218+ NAS using Resilio. When I look on the NAS file manager, I can see the files. However, the NAS audiostation/mediastreaming app cant access/see/use those music files. If I manually delete, then drag and drop the music files into the NAS it all works fine. Looks like I am having a permissions issue I think(?) What can I do to fix that?
  9. Hello, I want to not only backup my personal documemts/files etc to my Synology NAS, but also access them externally. I have libraries in iTunes plus Photos app. Is there a good setup/configuration I can use?