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  1. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks, I've sent the logs. Hopefully they can sort it out.
  2. I'm running Resilio Sync Home Pro on a Synology (latest version of DSM) as well as a few Macs, a PC, iPhones, iPad etc. It runs fine everywhere apart from the Synology. On the Synology it stops working and I regularly get the 'No tracker connection available' error message, but it's not like that all the time, it seems to stop and start quite randomly. When it does work it seems pretty slow at syncing. I've looked into the problem and I can download the file from on the Synology, Macs etc. so there's no problem there. I'm only syncing between devices at my home network (wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi), but tried opening port 80 on my router as well as the port that Resilio Sync uses on the Synology, but that didn't do anything. I haven't tried forwarding ports 4000, 3000, and 3001 on my router yet, thinking that that shouldn't matter as I'm only trying to sync on my home network? In Resilio Sync's preferences (Synology) I've tried checking and unchecking 'Use UPnP port mapping' option, but that hasn't changed anything either. Is there anything else I can try to fix this?