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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I'll give it another try 👍
  2. I tried the Resilio Sync package for Synology quite a while ago but had problems with it syncing slowly, permissions issues etc. and also noticed it took ownership of my files with the rslsync user. I switched to running it in Docker for a while, but ended having problems with that too (not with Resilio Sync, but with Docker containers randomly stopping on their own) and gave up trying through Docker on Synology. So I'm thinking of trying Resilio Sync's package for Synology again. The instructions say to enable the default Synology admin user, but I've read in various places for 'sec
  3. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks, I've sent the logs. Hopefully they can sort it out.
  4. I'm running Resilio Sync Home Pro on a Synology (latest version of DSM) as well as a few Macs, a PC, iPhones, iPad etc. It runs fine everywhere apart from the Synology. On the Synology it stops working and I regularly get the 'No tracker connection available' error message, but it's not like that all the time, it seems to stop and start quite randomly. When it does work it seems pretty slow at syncing. I've looked into the problem and I can download the file from on the Synology, Macs etc. so there's no problem there. I'm only syncing bet